About Tom and Jeanie Graves

My name is Tom Graves and my wife is Jeanie Graves. (We have been married 53 years). We have three adult children, Thomas, Linda and Joy. Jeanie and I moved to St. Augustine, Florida in 2008 because our only Grand-daughter, Savannah, was here.

I am a semi-retired minister/home builder. Presently, I work part time for Wal-Mart in St. Augustine. Since beginning at Wal-Mart in 2009, I have developed a number of friendships with the other associates. Some even refer to me as their pastor. A couple of them have asked me questions about the Bible, and I responded at times in writing. That gave birth to the idea of this blog as a place to share with others insights that God has given me into His Word.

I have now been at Wal-Mart for nine years and have developed a relationship with a number of customers who I regularly pray for and with when the opportunity arises. God has truly blessed many through the calling of “Marketplace Minister” to which He has called me. To Him be all the Glory and Praise, in Jesus’ Name.

About two years ago, I helped a friend, James Cotton, start a Bible Study Group at his home. That has blossomed into Spirit Alive Church, of which James is the Lead Pastor and I am the “Revival Pastor” or as I prefer to call it, a revivalist. Visit our website spiritalivechurch.net

A “Revivalist” as described by Anita Alexander is one “who has a heart for revival, healing and transformation.” “Transformation” is changing the culture which is what Apostles are sent to do, to bring the culture of the Kingdom of God to the earth. In that regard, I believe the word Revivalists is a good title for Jeanie and me to minister under.

Over our forty years or so years in ministry, Jeanie and I have learned a lot from others. When possible, we give credit for ideas that belong to others. we may not remember where some of my thoughts and ideas came from and thus we are unable to give credit. Most of all, we give credit to Holy Spirit who has been and is our teacher and guide. May He continue to point us toward Jesus and truth as we share with others.

In Christ Jesus

Tom and Jeanie Graves                     


  1. […]          My friend Tom has been a great friend and support. He is a wonderful teacher and story teller. I encourage everyone to check out his site, Tom Graves Bookbites. […]


    • Thanks Bob for your support. Your friendship is valued! Congratulations on the first anniversary of Real Christianity. Keep up the good work. Tom


  2. my friend,my encourager,my teacher,my confidont,oh hiw I miss u.Im feeling the miss my familyites.Need to come&get a hug.


    • Thank you Gail! Here is a big hug in the Spirit! Tom


  3. So very nice to meet you yesterday. Thank you for your neighborly support. I have been reading your blog this morning and am grateful that we have crossed paths. What opportunities and favor my awesome God showers me with! I am grateful for everything in my life. Happy day!


    • Thank you Alisa for your encouragement. May the Lord bless and meet every need in your life and the life of your family.
      Blessings, Tom


  4. […]          My friend Tom has been a great friend and support. He is a wonderful teacher and story teller. I encourage everyone to check out his site, Tom Graves Bookbites. […]


  5. As a marketplace minister – I think you really register! People can easily cash in on your gifts as life takes it toll on them. Bravo, Tom, bravo.


  6. I wonder where you are worshipping? You have been such a fabulous part of Dining with Dignity. Your part is God’s miracle was so encouraging. God bless you greatly.


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